Andy Sturgill
Exton, PA

Thank you very much for all of your help throughout our home buying process. You’ve always been accessible, responsive and thorough to all of our questions and needs, which we much appreciate. Particularly in light of the stories we’ve heard about difficulties with other mortgage people. We’ve been particularly fortunate to have worked with you and would strongly recommend you to anyone needing a mortgage. Thanks again!


Kim Conboy
Gilbertsville, PA

Jim was extremely helpful in making this process run smooth for us. We really appreciated Jim’s knowledge, politeness and accuracy. He took the time to explain the process and responded to our questions immediately. We felt Jim went over and above and kept us posted on the next steps. Thanks Jim!!!


Rebecca Titanic
Pottstown, PA

My husband, Brian, and I were so very pleased with our refinancing experience. We have been clients of Jim’s for a while but we hadn’t had a need for his services for a few years. We had been getting overwhelmed with FHA refinancing information in the mail and they all appeared either too good to be true or not legitimate, so we basically ignored them. Jim proactively reached out to us and did a great job of explaining the benefits, especially to people like us, who were not planning on moving for a very long time. We did have to provide a lot more paperwork than we had anticipated for a streamline but, in the end, it was all worth it. We, thanks to Jim and PMA, received a great deal and we were so happy with the results. Jim kept us posted on the progress throughout, explained things in a way we could understand and always seemed to have our best interest in mind. We’re really happy to have him on our side.


Melissa Pascucci
Philadelphia, PA

Jim Walsh was a pleasure to work with during the refinancing of my current mortgage. Getting documents to him was very simple through email and he came to my location for both signing the documents for the applications and the final signing of the mortgage. Each time he came completely organized and we got what we needed to get done without any time wasted. He also let me know when the individual would be calling me for the appraisal of my property and the individual that did the appraisal was able to work very easily with my work schedule so no time would be missed.

I believe he did an excellent job in getting the refinance done in a very timely matter. He made the entire process extremely easy for me and explained everything that was going to happen with the time frame for this process. He was always very responsive to all my questions and with him coming to my location each time made the refinancing simple. Even once all documents were signed he made sure I had all information necessary to make my initial payment and all documents were provided in electronic form. I would highly recommend him to anyone else


Ted and Kelly Smith
West Chester, PA

Our mortgage process with Jim was a painless experience. Jim is very organized and clear about next steps–what’s needed and when–and very responsive when it comes to follow-up on pending items. Simply put, Jim is professional and enjoyable to work with.


Emily Shank
Coatesville, PA

You took care of everything for us so we didn't have to worry about anything, answering all my emails within about 10 minutes even if it was one in the morning or a Sunday afternoon! It was also great that you were willing to have meetings wherever worked best for us. It was so great having someone we could trust to handle this important part of our financial life for us so we didn't have to worry about it. Thanks for all your help!


Al Frazier
Upper Darby, PA

You really made us aware of everything that was coming at us and what to look out for. You also stayed on top of the steps we needed to take to insure that we didn't delay the process. For me, just meeting at my office or in spots that were convenient to us was huge as well. I would recommend you to anyone that is looking!


Steven Brady
East Norriton, PA

I had the good fortune of being introduced to Jim Walsh on what started out as one of the most stressful days of my life. The day before I was scheduled to close on my first home, my "big bank" mortgage advisor, whom I had never met in person, and who for the most part, had delegated most of his contact with me to another person in the office, called to tell me they were declining the mortgage they had given approval for 60 days earlier, because, apparently, they hadn't put much effort into really reviewing my application until that very day. Feeling my house and future slip though my fingers, I called my home's builder and asked if there was any way he knew of to resolve this.

My builder told me that he trusted Jim with his own family's mortgages, and that if there was a positive outcome to be had,Jim would guide me through it, and if there wasn't, I would at least receive an explanation as to what exactly was wrong and what that meant for my future. It was immediately apparent upon my first communication that Jim was friendly, personable, and extremely competent and dedicated to his clients. He provided me with the complete list of paperwork that he required of me, and scheduled a meeting with me, at my house.

From our first meeting, I had comfort and confidence in the experience Jim provided. Like a doctor
making a house call, we sat at my kitchen table with the fate of my purchase in Jim's hands. Jim already knew every piece of information I had given to him, inside and out and had a clear plan for how we were going to proceed to a successful outcome.

Jim shepherded us through every aspect of the entire process, telling me exactly what information was required. No detail was missed by Jim, and we had productive conversations and contact with him throughout the entire process. As the closing date approached, others involved in the process who knew Jim had nothing but good things to say about him, and let us know how lucky we were.

I am a homeowner today because of Jim Walsh, his professional expertise and his personalized focus on each and every client. I happily recommend him without reservation to anyone looking to finance or refinance a home. Thank you, Jim!

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